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Yep, I'm still alive. I wrote this last night while bored at a friend's Xmas Eve party, and I have half of a serious religion entry written too.

The Privilege of the Sword )

One of three Christmas books--the other two are GGK rereads, so I'll probably be able to analyze more deeply. By the way, does anyone have recommendations for books about atheism? Either viewpoint is fine.

Now off to find out Ellen Kushner's LJ username!
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By request of [profile] overflood, a mini-review of The Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan. I don't have the book with me, so you'll have to subsist on my poor memory.

Hmm. Let's see. It's historical fiction, with nice descriptions but heavy prose at times. The beginning of every chapter is always slow and with a quote that more often then not has no apparent connection to the chapter. It's about Mehrunnisa, the twentieth and last wife of some Indian Emperor; actually a sequel, the first book being The Twentieth Wife, which I haven't read yet. Um... can't think of anything else. So go read it, if it sounds remotely interesting.

Oh, another book this sort of reminds me of, except this one had better writing: Empress Orchid, about Cixi, a Chinese Empress. And if you're interested in Asian historical fiction, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is fantastic. (Sorry, I don't remember any author names.)

Now, off to do my French brochure, which is due on Friday and which I've barely started.
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I devoured Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, and today I just finished the sequel New Moon. The ending sets up another book, so that should be good. Might post a review of Dial L for Loser later, the latest book in the Clique series by Lisi Harrison that is, well, horrible in places. But Harrison does get a few parts right, and they're really thin, light reads.

Note to self: Buy Micron pen for Tian and chip in to buy Sharon Prismacolor pencils!

And on with my main reason for posting, since I'm sure life issues utterly bore anyone who might bother to read this (not that I won't post about them, if I get desperate):

Beka Cooper: Terrier )

I'm pretty sure that my annoyance with whoever wrote the summary copy (it definitely wasn't Pierce, whose style is always excellent) weren't a good sign, but overall the book is decent. Not outstanding, but decent. I can't help comparing Terrier to Twilight--both have strong prose, engaging characters, and moving plot, but Twilight affected me emotionally much more. I could actually feel, imagine Bella's horrific emotional pain and her fear of Edward leaving her. It was very powerful.

Cross-posted to [ profile] scifantasybooks. Apologies if the coding is messed up, I forgot how to link comms.
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Before I forget about my brilliant idea, I'll debut it. I'm going to catalogue all the books in my library bag, and give a mini-review of each. (Since I can't be bothered to write a full-length review and yet I feel bad about doing so...)

1. Unexpected Magic by Diana Wynne Jones - interesting stories, some are better than others. A worthwhile read, although definitely YA.
2. Geisha by Liz Dalby - the only nonfiction book this time around. It took me a long time to finish, but it's pretty engaging for nonfiction.
3. The Lord of Castle Black by Steven Brust - A great book, but the second one in a series of three so far, and I haven't read the first or third. There was a summary in the beginning, but the ending is inconclusive and as the library seems to only have this book... I didn't enjoy it as much as I wish I could have.
4. SPQR V: Saturnalia by John Maddox Roberts - Lots of references to IV, which was annoying. Otherwise, fast-paced and quick light reading.
5. Four for a Boy by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer - The fourth book in a series but the first one chronologically, so it wasn't too confusing. I'm putting the others on my reading list, but have no idea when I'll get to them.
6. Nekropolis by Maureen F. McHugh - A very nice character-driven literary SF. I'd like to see more of these, other than the ending on a symbol part. I really disliked endings that don't resolve the plot.

And two more that I'm in the middle of reading, Imperium and A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. On the latter, I'm going to be a bit ranty; the essays vary between mildly interesting, horrendously boring, and quite entertaining.


Sep. 11th, 2006 08:29 pm
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Yep, another book review! :D

Fun, as always.
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Parents and sis have gone off to Brandywine Zoo, so I have uninterrupted computer time for a few hours. Whee! Here's a book review I wrote in my notebook two days ago.

That was fun.
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Bored and need to work on my story, forcing myself to stay off Achaea. Plus, a friend has begged me to help her make a background in Photoshop. But first, this. On a whim, I memorized the first 11 lines of "Kubla Khan", a famous poem by Coleridge or something. No punctuation, because it's typed from memory.

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree
Where Alph, the sacred river ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.
So twice five mlies of fertile ground
With walls and towers were girdled round
And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills
Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree
And here were forests ancient as the hills
Enfolding sunny spots of greenery

Whee. Dunno why I'm so into poetry right now, but I am. And this poem is so... rhythmical. Anyway, on to the book review. Positive, this time.

It's nice to write a positive book review, instead of a negative one. I think I missed some points, but oh well.

Book Review

Aug. 2nd, 2006 01:32 pm
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Going to the library tonight to return and pick up some books, hopefully for more than a few minutes so that I can look around as well. Haven't finished reading The Years of Rice and Salt yet, and probably never will. I'm posting a book review of it here, using a template from the scifantasy LJ community.

In a bitchy mood, not sure why. Maybe I'll post another to-do list soon.


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