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A master storyteller who possessed unfailing courage and compassion, a sharp, quick wit, and a true understanding of human nature. Saffron and Middle Eastern spices swirled through sensual red musk.

Wet: Not sure what musk smells like, exactly, but I definitely get the overall impression of Middle East/Saffron/sultans.
Drydown: I didn't much like it at first, but not too bad. Still, I can't imagine actually wearing this scent. Not really the type for sensual.
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De Sade

The essence of pleasure heightened by pain: the raw scent of leather.

Wet: Sharp, almost antiseptic-like. Even burns my throat a little. Eww.

Dry: I don't know what leather smells like, but if this is it, I don't enjoy it. I think I'm going to go wash this off now and hope for better luck next time.
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*We shall swim out to that brooding reef in the sea and dive down through black abysses to Cyclopean and many-columned Y'ha-nthlei, and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory for ever.

A great undersea metropolis located below Devil's Reef. A swirling, lightless, effervescent scent: the deepest marine notes with bergamot, eucalyptus and foamy ambergris.

Wet: Pleasingly fresh and familiar, but I can't place it.
Dry: Seems a little more flowery now--light honeysuckle? With a hint of lemon or lime, maybe. --And now that I've looked at the description, wow am I off. Guessing that the citrus note is bergamot; I have no idea what eucalyptus and ambergris smell like. But it's pleasant, refreshing, so a keeper.
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Snowberry (Skindazzle)
? Any help on the description, [personal profile] yhlee? I can't seem to find it on Google.

Wet: Sharp. I am strongly reminded of the dentist's office; and while I like my dentist very much, I don't exactly want to smell like the place. A tiny hint of fruitiness, straining to come out.

Drydown: I was hoping that the fruit would come out and play, but no luck. Still mostly dentist. I think I'll just avoid smelling my wrist now. A pity.

Goshdarnit, I'd really like to know what ingredient comes across as dentist on me. And it's such a pretty name, too.

ETA: [profile] laurin612 kindly informs me that this is in fact not a BPAL scent; and there's a retailer called Skindazzle, so I'm assuming it's from there.
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Funny story: I thought this scent was called "Sea of Grass" at first, and wondered why it wasn't showing up at all in Google.

Sea of Glass
Upon the Sea of Glass, glowing with the perfection of spiritual union and the radiance of true wisdom, rests the throne of God. A scent of inimitable purity, crystalline grace, and limitless light.
Wet: Citrus. I think of lemon, but it's not really tart enough. Very fresh and pretty in a clean way, though.
Dry: Um, fresh not-citrus but still citrusy? I really can't tell. It's more fresh than citrus now, though.

...yeah, not my best BPAL review ever. Out of the two (now three) that I've done, anyway.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:05 pm
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Thank you for the BPAL care package, [personal profile] yhlee!

Strawberry Moon
Strawberry moon is a blending of strawberries and cream with light, dry lotus and soft ylang ylang and a touch of green tea and sage to bring it closer to Earth.

I find it amusing that one of my previous BPAL posts actually shows up on the first page when I Googled this scent for the description.

Wet: Strong whiff of strawberries.
Drydown: It mellowed pretty quickly on my skin, to soft and yummy strawberry. A definite keeper. This and the Bon Vivant imp should keep me good for strawberry. Mmm.
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Midnight Kiss
Eternal desire, unquenchable passion: red musk, cocoa absolute, Nepalese amber, red sandalwood, aged patchouli, nicotiana, and blood wine.
Wet: Strong and rather unpleasantly pungent. Perhaps the sandalwood speaking, yech.
Drydown: While this still isn't particularly attractive, it's mellowed out a lot to neutral on the the-good scale. I have no idea what most of the listed scents smell like... but probably not keeping this one. --Aha, I have it. This feels too old--like the thought of my mother, ahem, displaying passion.

ETA: Eep, and belated birthday wishes to [personal profile] fireriven!
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First, if you haven't already, you should go and read [personal profile] yhlee's online fiction/poetry. They're linked in the sidebar of her journal, but nice person that I am, I'm linking them directly here as well; 3 stories and 3 poems.

  • "Notes on the Necromantic Symphony": I haven't actually read this yet, just added it to my lengthy reading folder, but it looks really cool.
  • "The Shadow Postulates": A story about scholarship, sword-dancing, shadows, and love.
  • "Screamers": Haven't read this either; SF, I believe. Maybe a Yoon-variation on space opera?
  • "Dear Yourself": A short poem about the burden of a story.
  • "Stella Rosetta": And a shorter poem, in the metafic style.
  • "Unicorn Flesh": Fantasy poem on the consumption of the flesh of the fabled unicorn.

Major themes that I have noticed: POC [People/Characters of Color], music, math, Asia, and ornately pretty prose.

Also, I have finally tried BPAL! The aforementioned [personal profile] yhlee sent me a bunch of imps as an Xmas wishlist present--thank you ever so much! I'm wearing Bon Vivant right now, modest review of which follows:

Bon Vivant
An effervescent blend of crystalline champagne notes and sweet strawberry.
Wet: Pleasantly citrusy, fruity, and light.
Drydown: The strawberry is addictive--so warm and citrusy. Not sure what champagne smells like, but this is all strawberry on me. A keeper.

Not completely random draw--I did smell it in the bottle and thought it was promising. And it's name is en francais, so it rocks automatically.


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