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I just got home from a sleepover New Year's party, so I'm not up to date on the Yuletide author reveal madness.

My own reveal first: I wrote one full length story and two drabbles in a total of two different fandoms. The full-length, written for MagnoliaMama, was "The Name of the Stars and the Moons," a story about Zabira in Guy Gavriel Kay's Lions of Al-Rassan 'verse. I also wrote a drabble about Ammar and Rodrigo, from Ammar's perspective post-canon, "Blue Wine for Silvenes" (the one that snuck in an hour before deadline). Finally, I wrote a short Phedre/Joscelin drabble in Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel universe, "A Gala's Dance." My level of self-satisfaction with the pieces goes in about that order; I really didn't have enough time (or full material) to absorb the Kushiel canon. I rushed through about half of Zabira!fic at the end but it turned out, I think, surprisingly well.

My gift fic ("A Path In A Garden") was written by the wonderful [ profile] glishara. Sadly I didn't make any serendipitous recs of friends' stories this year. And now off to browse reveals!
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Some of these have been sitting in my bookmarks for a while, so I'll try to mention the new stuff first.

* Wyrding Studios is having an end-of-year clearance sale! I have my eye on Skylit Revisited #6, a gorgeous choker-style necklace; but I don't really need to spend $50 on a necklace when I hardly wear the jewelry I already own, so someone else go buy it and remove the temptation.

* Two great stories from Strange Horizons: Meredith Schwartz's How to Hold Your Breath, which packs quite a lot into under 700 words; and a lovely modern fairy-tale from Elizabeth Bear, Love Among the Talus (Mongolian-inspired worldbuilding is a bonus).

* The NYT publishes an interesting college admissions Q&A with reps from Yale University, Pomona College, Lawrence University, and the University of Texas - Austin. It's a representative mix and a good portion of the responses are enlightening; the other portion is amusing in its dodge-the-intent tactics.

* I haven't read Cherryh, but apparently her novels feature an unusual common theme--the rape of men.

* If you haven't seen it already: Every Fanfic Ever Written.

* [ profile] vagabond_sal summarizes, with a brief anecdote, the Avatar casting issue. [ profile] shati does the same with a smiley face. And here's how you can help. --I did say some of these links were old.

* *bounce* Also also, people other than my recipient like my Yuletide story! I am so happy inside, because I do like it myself (which is rare). No link, of course, although I welcome guesses. I limit myself to offering only fandoms whose canon I own, which is a decidedly short but secretive list. (And I'm so curious about my own mystery author, because the prose and the characters are just. Perfect.)
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I forced myself to eat brunch this morning before reading Yuletide, and oh, my gift was absolutely gorgeous and wonderful and perfect. Brandin/Dianora from Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana, a pairing that I adore and that can never have a happy ending--but this is a plausible "missing scene" and oh, just go read it. I can't wait for the author reveal, because the prose as well as the characterization is such a beautiful homage to Kay--A Path in A Garden.

This post will be updated with recs as I read through the archive. Cheers and happy Yuletide, everyone!

* Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint series: An Anatomy of the World (PG-13) and I Corinthians 13 (R) are both true characterizations of Alec and Richard, the latter with a poetic quality due to its structure.

* Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief series: Euripides Lyaeus (G).

* Terry Pratchett's Discworld series: Ho ho ho (G), a short and spot-on hilarious flashfic about assassins, presents, and Vetinari.

* Via [ profile] rachelmanija, a Chaucer fic of all things: The Seconde Tale of the Wyf of Bath, which fittingly synthesizes the spirit of both Chaucer and Yuletide.

* Via [ profile] glass_icarus, a Wild Adapter fic that portrays Tokito and Kubota in a moment between canon: The Here And The Now (R). Also Weight (R).

* Via [ profile] rachelmanija, a Tamora Pierce Circle of Magic fic with--gasp--an OC! I am kind of rabidly against OC fics, but this one works so well thematically: The Greatest Potter in Emelan.

* Via [ profile] minnow212, two Discworld fics: The Uninvited Guest about Death's family (with a dash of Weatherwax), and a long and wonderfully plotty novelette called, Queen of the Cats.

* Also via [ profile] minnow212, from a fandom I never thought I'd recommend--the Bible's Old Testament--a touching set of vignettes about Miriam who suffered of tsara and whom I owe, ironically, all knowledge of to Leslie What: Seven Days.
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Yuletide is due in exactly 10 days, and I haven't written a single word yet. Nor have I even finished rereading the book, although I think I have enough of a refresher to write on. Strangely, I am not yet in panic mode, probably because I'm panicking about other nearer things. And last year, I wrote my fic in two sittings three days before the deadline. I didn't even hate it. Still, I don't know if I can pull off the same feat when ficcing an author I idolize. Not to mention that I have secured a beta in the form of kate_nepveu, so I should be answerable to her and finish my story earlier. I do have some vague noodling, but no concrete ideas--any prompt suggestions, for image/theme especially? I am generally incapable of cramming plot into 1000 words and will not have the energy or willpower to set myself up to write more.

* Almost a month late, but better late than never: POC in SF Carnival, IBARW3 Edition. Blogging about racism isn't limited to one week!

* On SH, William Mingin's review of Realms: the First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine edited by Nick Mamatas and Sean Wallace provides links to free stories, Clarkesworld being a free online magazine. With good taste, I might add--I had read two of the stories in the anthology already from internets-linkage. I skimmed the others, but my favorite is definitely the cutting and powerful tale by Michael de Kler (who is unknown to me), "The First Female President." I admit that I have a weak spot for dystopia politics; still.

* [ profile] two_star, whom I know solely via [ profile] yhlee for his awesome song "The Maid of Féil," discusses the look-and-say mathematical sequence and fractalizes it. The result is quite pretty.

* Not atheistic, really--God for the Godless: Salman Rushdie's Secular Sermon.

* Let me Google that for you.

* 28 reasons that Twilight the movie is better than Twilight the book, presented as a picture essay; also, the terribly intelligent [ profile] helen_keeble with adroit analysis of Twilight's appeal that resonates with me for perhaps obvious reasons.

* For those who care, the College Board's new SAT score choice policy and how it may be no help at all.

* Finally, xkcd posters! This is so going on my Xmas wishlist, if only as a self-reminder. The Online Communities poster would be so much fun to put in my room. And about half the products would be good presents for one programmer-geek friend, but unfortunately (and fortunately) I've already bought his present (it was a lot cheaper too).

A final musing: exactly how much do I love Semagic with quick links, quick user-links, and sensible HTML implementation? Much.
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Dear Yuletide Elf,

I chose fandoms and characters that I love, so whatever you want to write about them is absolutely fine! The pairings may be obvious, but plotty gen stories are rare gems.

Good: emotional angst (preferably not entirely internal though), witty dialogue, political intrigue(!)
Suboptimal: Mpreg, slash not hinted in canon (but I am open-minded on what constitutes hinting)

Have fun!


P.S. Yes, I am a bad person for providing so little information. Er, what can I say, I'm a proponent of choice in every area of life. Sorry!
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Most of these--and all the ones by people I know, except for "The Last Siren's Song"--were bookmarked before the author reveal. I'm amazed by all the amazing writers on my flist! Stories are alphabetized by fandom. Those marked with a star are suitable even for those with no prior knowledge of the fandom.

Personally, I wrote one full-length story and received one full-length story. My gift fic was Be My Signale, a lovely (NC-17, which is true to canon) story about Phedre, Joscelin, and Melisande. If you're at all familiar with Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, go forth and savor!

And my story? A Meeting of Minds, in the Howl's Moving Castle (book) fandom. It's short and rough, as the rough draft was finished about four hours before deadline; and plotless, needless to say. But it's also my second piece of fanfic ever--I swore off it after my first disaster/writing attempt--and the recipient liked it. Isn't that why Yuletide exists, anyway? To give to others.


Dec. 25th, 2007 03:07 pm
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My gift fic, By My Signale, is gorgeous and lovely and true to canon and oh, I don't know what else to say. I've done a first read-through, mostly of my favorite fandoms; Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series and Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint series are well-represented in particular, with some wonderful stories. Alas, no one wrote for Guy Gavriel Kay's Sarantine Mosaic duology--I must definitely request it again next year!

Specific story recs are appreciated, though I am unread on many fandoms and may not understand anything. Speculations on which fic I wrote are likewise welcome, though I make no hints to confirm or deny. (It's not a fandom I've talked about much/at all here, anyway.)

But ZOMG, Yuletide!
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I just finished drafting my Yuletide story. It's four scenes and barely 1k long. Plotless, too. But the recipient requested R-rated fluff, so I hope I don't disappoint too badly. Off to officially submit! (10-second ETA: Blah, I don't have a title. Le sigh.) Betas, you say? I know not.

Expect a bunch of posts end of this week/beginning of next week, as I have a backlog of books partially-read and reviews partially-written.


Oct. 19th, 2007 05:39 pm
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Dear Yuletide Santa:

By now you might have noticed that I left the details of my requests blank. Because I don't want to put any pressure on you--my tastes are extremely broad and I'll love whatever you write. Honest.

Anything from G to NC-17 is fine with me; I don't have a preference or issue either way. If it's possible, I'd like you to stick to canon/canon-plausible pairings. And that's all I have to say!

Have fun.

ETA: I did think of something that might not be welcome. No blatant sexism/racism unless it's a parody, please. (And it'd better be a damn funny parody.)



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