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* Via [ profile] yhlee, musical stairs on YouTube!

* Also via [ profile] yhlee, A Regency Romance in 2 Minutes.

* Michael M. Jones puts out an open call for submissions to his new anthology, Scheherazade's Facade: Fantastical Tales of Gender Bending, Cross-Dressing and Transformation.

* Recent Strange Horizons pieces that are excellent: poem "Thirteen Scifaiku for Blackbirds" by Joanne Merriam and story "Minghun: Unlikely Patron Saints, No. 5" by Amy Sisson.

* [ profile] yhlee (Yoon Ha Lee) has an awesome story up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies called "The Pirate's Daughter," about words and poetry and music and awesomeness.

* Another enrapturing story of music from Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Michael Anthony Ashley's "To Kiss a Granite Choir," Part 1 and Part 2.

* Quite the depressing, and truthful, article about grad school in the humanities.
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* Via Fancy Brand, prolific tumblelog by a friend of mine: a Tibetan musical score.

* Cardboard sculptures--just amazing, the level of detail.

* Video of a wheelchair dance competition.

* A flash-style piece by [ profile] shweta_narayan on Strange Horizons, "Charms."

* Also on SH--"Origin" by Ari Goelman, a superhero story that I actually like.

* The 3rd Asian Women's Blog Carnival! Especially check out [ profile] laleia's post on perfect Chinese daughters (so, so true) and a riveting trailer for the film version of The Stoning of Soraya M. It's rated R, and though I'm normally not a fan of violence or horror, I really want to see this. Unfortunately, it's only showing in select theatres and none of them near me (not even in Philly).
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* Greta Christina talks about subtle homophobia in the professional dance world, specifically "So You Think You Can Dance."

* A New Jersey med student is expelled for calling himself a "white African-American." (No, he's not from South Africa; apparently he is the third generation of a Portuguese family in Mozambique, where he was born and raised.)

ETA:* 2nd Asian Women of Color Carnival!

In happier news...

* Higher education's best new staircase, aka some very good architecture porn. Apparently Caltech has the most entertaining new staircase at the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics--heads-up [ profile] yhlee, do report back if you visit!

* Another one for you, [ profile] yhlee: a musical synthesizer toy, innovative and dead-simple for those of us without compositional skills.

* Transcription of a speech on new methods for humanities research. I've only skimmed, but looks really interesting.
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* I trimmed my current flist reading filter in an attempt to do actual work this summer, versus Internet reading. I also reorganized tags from "racism" to "race" and combined "sexism" and "feminism" under "gender."

* It is raining ridiculously hard right now. There goes my swimsuit-shopping plans tonight. (ETA: WTF, now there's a perfect blue sky.)

* Catch up on reviews first, and then I will start posting selections from the RaceFail archives with commentary. May or may not be under flock, depending on how inflammatory the content and how argumentative I feel.

* Free e-book: The Element of Fire by Martha Wells. Secondhanded high rec'd.

* Three Catherine Asaro short stories/novellas: Walk in Silence is an SF tale about Lieutenant Colonel Jess Fernández and exemplifies a very carefully and obviously diverse cast telling a moral of interracial conflict. For all its ideological faults as Message Fiction (TM), it's a good read. The Spacetime Pool, a Nebula nominee, is a typical cross-world SF romance; Asaro has done better, but it suffices for what it is. The best of the three, in my opinion--Aurora in Four Voices, a prequel novella to her novel Primary Inversion that tells Soz and Jato's love story; the musical motif is gorgeously done, especially Jato's fugue bird.

* Via [ profile] oyceter, Kali Tal's lengthy critical review of Cybertypes by Lisa Nakamura. Although Nakamura's success happens to be in the area of highest personal interest, I can empathize, having experienced the same frustration as Tal in reading acclaimed African-American studies scholar Cornel West's Democracy Matters.

* For [ profile] yhlee: musician's dice!

* Top 10 reasons to become a librarian. Many of the cited benefits are inaccurate, as I know from talking to actual librarians; but #1 and #3 are why I'm attracted to the field.

* Via yhlee: the ultimate IB test.
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* H.E.R.B.--Had Enough Religious Bullshit--amuses me.

* As does this humorous dialogue between an atheist and an agnostic.

* I heard on the radio that Justice Souter is retiring? Here's an article on one possible Obama pick to replace him. Look, he's Asian! Wouldn't that be nice, to have the country's first Asian ever (I think) on the Supreme Court.

* Pledge to cut the "r-word" (retard) from your life.

* Article on a white girl adopted by a black family.

* NewFoundSpecFic is seeking submissions, deadline July 5th, 2009. It is automatically nifty for the pun, O my beloved Newfoundland. Sadly, living abroad I don't qualify (must be a resident of Canada, not necessarily a citizen).

* O Canada!

* In praise of learning alphabets, not characters. YES.

* A friendly note on Dreamwidth advocacy.

* [ profile] kate_nepveu makes a detailed post about Dreamwidth that I pretty much second all the way through.

* Ooh, shape notes! Heads-up [ profile] yhlee?

* A Cool Tools review of Finale Allegro.

* From VSL, a modern instrumental composer releases one ditty (doodle? sketch? [ profile] yhlee had a good word for this but I can't remember) a day for a week. All seven are available to download for free.

* Via [ profile] yhlee, neato ultra-small artworks.

* Paper typography!
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* ZOMG CUTE GAMES. Orisinal is amazing. Especially check out Winter Bells and Panda Run. SO CUTE.

* Via VSL: click bored. No seriously.

* Also VSL, a bicycle built for two thousand. Music autoplay warning.

* [ profile] fireriven shares her beautiful Postcards from a Traveling Oracle: To Nine Sisters, from Kyoto.

* Over at [ profile] ivoryink, my list of memorable quotes has been updated.

* Via [ profile] yhlee, free soundtrack/writing music: Planescape Torment, complete.

* [ profile] buymeaclue writes a overjoyed, optimistic open letter from Massachusetts to Iowa and Vermont et. al. Also [ profile] diatryma: Iowa has legalized same-sex marriage! We'll see if it survives legislative challenges, but I have hope.

* Via [ profile] yeloson, a ridiculous example of anti-immigrant bias and racism in public school bureaucracy.

* The UNESCO atlas of endangered languages.

* Via [ profile] meganbmoore, mindmelting cuteness. Not interactive, alas; but it's real!
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* Literary agent Jenny Rappaport on counting spoons, or living with a chronic illness.

* TIME magazine has an article on how McCain makes Obama conservative, in the small-c sense.

* Via Mir at Want Not, Lean Cuisine is selling limited-edition lunch bags with half of each purchase going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They are mainly pink, of course, but very pretty and for a good cause!

* Try Ruby (programming experience recommended)! Ruby is the prettiest programming language I've ever seen. This should be of interest to linguists, too, but a little coding background helps if you insist on understanding the entire tutorial, like me.

* Via Strange Horizons, a poem by C.S. MacCath entitled, "Upon the death of my host and waiting for uplink: by Event Horizon, formerly of the Oracle Duality Liselle Marie Michaud / Event Horizon." In a shape-poetry form that I can't remember the name of.

* Via yhlee, [ profile] jenwrites on artistic works being too long for your skill level. Does that mean I shouldn't bother trying to write a novel (and failing, repeatedly)?

* Also via [ profile] yhlee, a fascinating article on tone deafness and/or bad singing. I've never considered myself tone-deaf, but I have both a terrible ear for flat/sharp (although I do hear discordances if the correct form is engrained in my memory from repetition) and the inability to carry a tune. I can match pitches if you give me a few seconds, but I can't reproduce them. And nothing (in terms of music) gets stuck in my head. Not always a good thing, when you're a musician.


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